Friday, June 8, 2012

Mango Icecream (eggless)


Well Ripe Mangoes - 4 (mangoes must not be sour)
Fresh Cream - 150ml
Full Cream Milk - 1 litre
Milk Powder - 1 1/2 cups
Mango Flavored Custard Powder - 4 tbsps
Sugar - 2 cups


  1. Peel and chop the mangoes.
  2. Dilute custard powder with little milk.
  3. Boil milk.
  4. Add sugar.
  5. When the sugar dilutes, slowly pour in the diluted custard powder, stirring continuously.
  6. Boil until it thickens little bit.
  7. Let it cool down to room temperature.
  8. Meanwhile, beat fresh cream well.
  9. Add milk powder and mix well.
  10. Add this to the boiled and cooled milk.
  11. Mix thoroughly. You can use a electric blender.
  12. Pour into a aluminium tin and freeze for 3-4 hours.
  13. Cut it into small pieces and blend it fine using an electric mixer. Blend small portions instead of trying to blend all at once.
  14. Add chopped mangoes and blend it on low for 2 seconds, just to shred the mango pieces.
  15. Pour this into aluminium tin. Mix well using a spoon.
  16. Cover the tin and freeze for 3-4 hours.
  17. Remove the tin from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator section 15-20minutes before serving.
  18. Scoop and serve.


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