Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moode/Kottige (Screw Pine/Kedige Flavored Idlis)

Moode, also called as Kottige is a traditional Mangalore dish. This is prepared by steam cooking batter similar to that of idli in moulds prepared from Banana leaves or Kedige/Screw Pine leaves. Some people also prepare using Jackfruit leaf moulds. The Kedige/Screw Pine leaf moulds are usually available in some vegetable markets. The banana leaf moulds are usually prepared at home by rolling the leaf in a particular fashion. The batter is poured into the mould and the moulds are then placed in a steamer to cook the batter.
The rice for the batter is ground slightly coarser than that for idli batter.


Idli Rice - 2 cups
Black Gram - 1 cup
Salt to taste

Screw Pine/Kedige Leaf Moulds - 8 to 10 (you can use Banana/Jackfruit Leaf moulds)


  1. Wash and soak black gram and idli rice separately in water. Soak for 3-4 hours.
  2. Grind black gram into fine batter adding little water. make sure you add little water so that the consistency of the batter does not turn runny.
  3. Now grind rice into a coarse batter adding little water. Do not grind for long as the rice might get finely ground and that might lead to harder Moode/Kottige.
  4. Mix the rice batter to black gram batter, add salt. If your grinder is big enough, grind rice once the black gram is finely ground and continue to grind until rice gets ground to coarse texture.
  5. Mix the batter thoroughly.
  6. Let it ferment overnight or for 6-7 hours atleast. Fermentation usually depends on the climatic condition and might at times needs to fermented for a couple of hours more. The volume of the batter will double up.
  7. To steam cook, wash the moulds thoroughly. 
  8. Place enough water in the steamer and place it on high flame.
  9. Gently mix the batter. Do not over beat the batter as the air captured in the batter during fermentation will be lost and this will make Moode/Kottige hard. 
  10. Now pour the batter into each mould, until 3/4rth filled. 
  11. Place the moulds in the steamer.
  12. Cover and cook for 45-50 minutes or until cooked. The duration of cooking depends on the number of moulds placed in the steamer and the size of the steamer itself.
  13. Once cooked, turn off the heat and remove the lid of the steamer to avoid water vapors falling on the cooked Moode/Kottige.
  14. Serve hot with coconut chutney and sambhar of your choice. Tastes great with Mango/Banana Rasayana.  Do not forget to carefully peel off the leaf moulds before eating!!


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